Tuesday, September 25, 2007


Two new little boys entered our world last week and, of course, I HAD to scrap their photos! :)

This is Max Robert born on September 18 to my "other daughter" (my oldest daughter's best friend).

This is Lucas Robert, my cousin's grandson, born on September 16.

On Sunday I visited the Meijer Gardens and Sculpture Park with my cousin, her daughter, and her three grandsons. I got some nice photos of Lucas's older brothers playing in the children's garden including this one of Blake that just screamed to be scrapped.

I love this photo of Kenny but it is still sitting on my work table waiting for page inspiration to strike.

Friday, September 07, 2007

Faire Photos

Tom and I spent Labor Day weekend at the Michigan Renaissance Festival. We had a WONDERFUL time meeting new friends and getting to know others better. Most of these photos were taken by others (well, I guess that's obvious since I'm in them, huh LOL) Even though this is an Elizabethan faire it was Bucaneer Beerfest weekend so on Saturday Tom wore his 18th century (Golden Age of Piracy)shirt and pants that I made for him and I wore my pirate outfit. This was the first outing for the blue coat. You may recall my agonizing over the fabric choices last spring and my excitment over ordering it (before I took up sewing my own garb). I wasn't quite so excited when I received it and it was ill-fitting and poorly finished. Even after sending it back for alterations I still was disappointed in it and wouldn't wear it. Last week I pulled it out and made some alterations of my own to make it wearable so that it wasn't a total waste of money. Halfway through the day I ended up ditching it because I was just too darn hot!LOL

Tom, myself, Lady Ann, Stephane, Connor Savage hanging out at the Guiness Pub

Lady Gwendolyn, myself, and Tom in Ladyfair's garden

Saturday's R/F forum members group photo

The lovebirds (planning to be married next summer)

Me being greeted by a dashing cast member

Sunday was another fun day! I decided to forgo the pirate garb in favor of my "middle-class" merchant garb.

Mistress Katherine, The Seamstress of Hollygrove (and me)

The girls decided to join us on Sunday. Kim and our friend Brooklyn above. Kacie (who stole her father's hat) below. It is actually Brooklyn's parents' fault that we got involved in this whole Rennie thing! LOL Her father, Jeff, married Kim's friend, Casey, three years ago in Flint over Labor Day Weekend and when I was looking for things to do in the area I stumbled onto info about the ren faire and decided to check it out.

Sunday's R/F forum members group photo

Some of us hanging out in the "private" area behind Ladyfair's booth

Monday Tom was tired and I was achy and just couldn't walk anymore by lunchtime so we decided to head home early.