Friday, February 29, 2008

Today's the Day!

Join the party begining at 5:00pm central time!

Photo-a-Day Feb 28

My Morning Routine:
turn on the news
make coffee
read my email
check in at the Freak and catch up on the overnight posts

Photo-a-Day Feb 27

So I'm getting a bit ADD about the costuming thing. I've added this project to my list. Yes, I am aware that princess seams are not period and the fabric is all wrong but I don't care. I'm going to wear it to Silverleaf which is a "middle ages fantasy" themed faire. I think I'm going to go buy me some hot pink sari fabric for the underskirt to complete the look. :P

Photo-a-Day Feb 26

The obligatory self-portrait in the mirror. I'm afraid I'm not very good at it. I'm not so good at self-potraits with the timer, either (as evidenced by my profile pic.) lol

Monday, February 25, 2008


I did get a few Disney princess pages scrapped yesterday. You can check them out on my WallyWorld blog.

Photo(s)-a-Day Feb 25

I took fourteen photos of candy today. Yes, winter is getting to me.

Photo-a-Day Feb 24

Love my pink tomato!

Photo-a-Day Feb 23

Taking note of the details. Do you know what this is?

Photo-a-Day Feb 22

Okay, so I was actually taking photos of a plant on my kitchen counter when I lowered the camera and saw how cool the slats and arc of the back of the bar stool looked.

Photo-a-Day Feb 21

Thursday, February 21, 2008

Gown Re-do

I'm itching to sew but I'm not quite ready to cut into that green wool yet. I've decided to get warmed up by re-doing the bodice of the light gold brocade gown I made last summer. There are a couple of things I wasn't really happy with that I hope to improve. I knew I didn't want the extremely long front waist that the Elizabethan pattern called for but, rather than just softening the curve and shortening it a little, I ended up with pretty much a straight waistline which might have been appropriate for an earlier style but not for a gown inspired by an Eleanora di Toledo portrait. The other thing is that following the instuctions to finish all of the edges with piping and a self bias binding let me with unattractive bulky edges. I've spent the morning with the seam ripper taking the bodice apart. Now I am off to find the leftover fabric to cut a new bodice front and praying that I can get the fabric design centered the way the way it should be.
Here's what it looked like when I wore it to MIRF last summer:

Photo-a-Day Feb 20

The costuming books have taken over the "scrapping" table. I had been trying for a week to scrap the photos from the Storybook Princess Dinner at Disney World and it just wasn't happening. I finally set them aside yesterday thinking I would work on some cards to get back in the groove. Funny thing happened though. The next thing I knew my table was covered in costuming books instead of card making supplies!

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Photo-a-Day Feb 19

It is so stinkin' cold and everything outside is white or gray and I am running out of ideas for things to photograph inside the house! Today's photo is Kacie's dress from the dance Saturday (as well as the dress her friend borrowed) that was still hanging in my studio this morning 'til I got around to putting it away.

Photo-a-Day Feb 18

Meet Bertha.
Bertha is my Uniquely You dress form that the UPS man delivered Monday afternoon. I bought her because, instead of turning dials and kinda-sorta getting your measurements, the fabric cover is fitted to your body then zipped onto the foam form. As a bonus the foam boobs are squishy enough to put a corset on her to fit my costumes. As another bonus the cover can be refitted as I loose weight. The only hitch is that I don't know anyone who sews so I have to search for someone to help me with fitting the cover.
I thought you might get a giggle out of the fact that in my haste to get Bertha out of the box I obviously didn't heed either of the warnings/instructions to open the other end! LOL

Sunday, February 17, 2008

How Depressing

So I took this little "What color is your soul?" quiz expecting blue or green or even purple. A bit depressing to be told that my soul is grey.

What color is your soul painted?


Your soul is painted the color grey, which embodies the characteristics of elegance, humility, respect, reverence, stability, subtlety, wisdom, strong emotions, balance, and cancellation. Grey falls under the element of Water, and symbolizes the moon, tide, ebb and flow.

Personality Test Results

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Saturday, February 16, 2008

Photo-a-Day Feb 16

My baby girl looks so grown up with her hair and makeup done!

Friday, February 15, 2008

Photo-a-Day Feb 15

Using my blue dessert plates is just one of the little things that makes me happy. :)

Photo(s)-a-Day Feb 14

So I've been drooling over my new book and fantasizing about my next sewing project. I have some sage green wool that I purchased a couple of months ago that I will use to make an undergown.

I'd like to trim it similar to this gown. I like the trim spiraled down the sleeves but I will probably forgo the slashing.

Then to go with the green and the simple sky blue gown I made last year I would love to find some blue-green silk taffeta to make an overgown similar to this.

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Photo-a-Day Feb 13

Moda a Firenze aka the Bible for Italian renaissance costumers. I was actually able to get ahold of a copy from the University of Michigan library to read back before Christmas but that just fueled my desire for my very own copy. I've never paid $100 for a book before but I feel it is worth every penny! I've spent all afternnon studying the portraits in the book and making notes for my next sewing project. Off to search for some peacock blue silk taffeta............

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Photo-a-Day Feb 12

This is why hand washing dishes is my least favorite household chore. I honestly would rather clean toilets because I can do that without putting my hands in the water. Would you want to put your hands in this??? (And don't tell me to use rubber gloves because having my hands sweat inside of those things is kind of gross, too.)

Monday, February 11, 2008

Photo-a-Day Feb 11

I chose to photograph this piece for the "shiny & sparkly" photo challenge at ScrapFreak this week. Even though I don't wear it often (mostly when I am travelling without my family) it is one of my most meaningful pieces of jewelry because it represents my family.
The ship charm was a gift from DD#1 after we went on our first cruise together.
The lion represents our family.
The heart that came on the bracelet represents my sweetheart.
The antique cherub and the silver and gold baby shoe represent my angel baby.
The star and the pink shoe represent DD#1 because she loves stars and she is my star.
The wresters charm and the blue baby shoe represent DS and his dedication and the sacrifices he made for wrestling (I added the charm while he was in high school and uor lives revolved around the wrestling team).
The enamel bee and the green baby shoe represent DD#2. The story goes that the bee should not be able to fly because according to science his wings should not be able to support the weight of his body but he doesn't know that so he flies anyway. My doughter was born with brain damage that according to the "experts" should have left her unable to walk or talk but she proved them wrong and learned anyway.
The paw print charm represents my furry babies.

Photo-a-Day Feb 10

THIS IS WHAT YOU GET WHEN IT'S SOOO FRIGGEN COLD THAT THE CAMERA WON'T FUNCTION PROPERLY! I recently put my old camera in my car's glovebox so I would have it on hand and wanted to take a photo of the iced over expressway while my husband was driving yesterday. I couldn't get the camera to work at all when I first got it out but after taking the batteries out and warming them in my hands it seemed to be working. When I pulled the memory card out this morning this was the image I found.

Photo-a-Day Feb 7

I don't even like "World's Finest" chocolate but I ate it anyway. I could say that I ate it to be a good mom and support my daughter's fundraising efforts but that would not be true. The truth would be that I am such a chocoholic that if there is chocolate in the house I will eat it (even if it's cheap yucky tasting chocolate).

Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Photo-a-Day Feb 6

I got this cute valentine in the mail from a rennie pirate friend.

Tuesday, February 05, 2008


I had assumed the only visitors to my blog were friends from scrapbooking message boards but, looking at the Feedjit I recently added to my blog, that doesn't seem to be the case! It doesn't surprise me to see that I have visitors from Australia or Germany because I do know a few message board members living there but I can't help but wonder who is visiting from Brasil, France, or Egypt??? Please take a minute to post an comment and say hello and tell me how you found my blog. I'm curious! :)

Photo-a-Day Feb 5

Today I snapped a photo of the conch shell on my shelves to remind me of warm days at the beach as we prepare for another snowstorm to blow in tonight.

You're Invited!

Monday, February 04, 2008

Photo-a-Day Feb 4

A shot of the stamps I left on the sink last night after rinsing off the pigment ink.

Scrappin' my babies

I pulled out some old photos of my kids when they were little to use for the February "Show me the Love" contest at ScrapFreak. The requirements are Scenic Route Loveland products, hearts, bling, and stamping. Use the link to the right if you want to check it out.

Sunday, February 03, 2008

Photo-a-Day Feb 3

This one was taken for the theme "Steppin' Out!". I need to do some more experimenting with lighting to capture the way the rhinestones catch the light but this was the best shot out of about a dozen I took this morning.

Photo-a-Day Feb 2

The color of the month for the photo contest at ScrapFreak is Tiffany blue. It just so happens that I hung on to the packaging from my heart ring.

Photo-a-Day Feb 1

This sweater is one of the oldest articles of clothing that I own but still a favorite because it is sooo snuggly and warm! I keep it handy all winter so I can slip it one when I get a chill instead of turning the thermostat up.