Monday, February 11, 2008

Photo-a-Day Feb 11

I chose to photograph this piece for the "shiny & sparkly" photo challenge at ScrapFreak this week. Even though I don't wear it often (mostly when I am travelling without my family) it is one of my most meaningful pieces of jewelry because it represents my family.
The ship charm was a gift from DD#1 after we went on our first cruise together.
The lion represents our family.
The heart that came on the bracelet represents my sweetheart.
The antique cherub and the silver and gold baby shoe represent my angel baby.
The star and the pink shoe represent DD#1 because she loves stars and she is my star.
The wresters charm and the blue baby shoe represent DS and his dedication and the sacrifices he made for wrestling (I added the charm while he was in high school and uor lives revolved around the wrestling team).
The enamel bee and the green baby shoe represent DD#2. The story goes that the bee should not be able to fly because according to science his wings should not be able to support the weight of his body but he doesn't know that so he flies anyway. My doughter was born with brain damage that according to the "experts" should have left her unable to walk or talk but she proved them wrong and learned anyway.
The paw print charm represents my furry babies.


Lala said...

That is awesome! Love it and all the meaning behind it.


Lisa said...

This is so pretty! I loved reading about it's meaning.