Tuesday, October 27, 2009

More Playing with Dolls

My name is Cindy and I have become addicted to Blythe Dolls. lol
I bought a "bait" ADG Blythe with no hair and no eyes so I could try my hand customizing without the fear of messing up an expensive doll. (I gave Genenvieve new makeup but shied away from doing anything permanent.) Today I cleaned off her stock makeup then carved and glossed her lips. I found it very easy to do though I didn't go too extreme with the carving. I'm fine with her not having hair since I plan to give her a mohair scalp anyway. Finding an eye mechanism may be a problem, though.

More doll pics can be seen in my flikr photostream.

Another Florentine

I finally did it. This past weekend I finally tweaked my bodice pattern and cut out pieces for the green wool gown based on The Arrival of Leo X in Florence. I only got as far as sewing together two layers of linen for the interlining before I was worn out and too achy to do more. No photos yet.

Monday, October 19, 2009

The New Girl

This is Sophia. She is a custom Blythe doll of unnown origin. She's got some crazy wild hair, a weird lip carve, lipcolor that I fear is nail polish, and some eyechips with unpainted pupils among other issues. So, yeah, she's far from perfect but she melted my heart anyway.

Friday, October 09, 2009

Steampunk Doll

I still need to work on the clothes but had a little fun this morning modding some swim goggles for Genevieve (a Blythe Prima Dolly Ashlette). I masked off the fronts of the clear goggles then sprayed with black primer, dry-brushed on some metallic glaze, and glued on some filigree accents. Then I remebered these little brass tools that have been around the house for years and realized they are the perfect size for her. :)


Make black with blue pinstripe trousers that I rarely wear into knickers for Steampunk garb to the sewing to-do list!

Tuesday, October 06, 2009

Sewing To-Do List

It seems my costuming is taking off in several different directions. In order to focus and priortize all of the projects I want to do I've decided to make a list. :)

Maintenence and repair to do asap:
Reposition the frog closures on my black zimarra so that it closes without a gap when they are fastened.
Repair and reinforce the front opening in the skirt of my purple Campi dress. It tore 3-4" below the original opening. :(
Shorten the bodice thereby raising the hem of my navy Campi dress.

Neo-Victorian Steampunk projects:
Make an "easy to wear" bustle found at Your Wardrobe Unlock'd.
Decide on a skirt pattern and find fabric for a late Victorian skirt and butterfly train. I'm thinking striped tafetta. Deadline: Windycon mid-November.
Find a pattern for and make a high-necked late-Victorian blouse. Deadline: Memorial Day 2010 World Steam Expo
Find a pattern for and make a jacket/bodice to match the striped skirt. Deadline: Memorial Day 2010

Italian Renaissance SCA projects:
Check my measurements to see if any adjustments need to be made to my corset and bodice patterns. My weight seems to have crept up a few pounds while my clothes seem to be looser. :shrug:
Make a new 16th century corset. Front closing? Detachable straps?
Finally cut the pieces for the green wool dress inspired by The Arrival of Leo X in Florence. I've had the fabric for two years now. Tentative deadline of mid-January so it can be worn for Winter Revel and Twelfth Fight.
Add couched gold cord trim to my cranberry red coat.
Make a dress of cranberry red Kauffman "embossed" velvet (actualy cut velvet!) to go with the red coat. Inspired by the portrait of Countess Livia though her gown appears to be smooth velvet. (The fabric is on my Christmas wish list.)
Make a Venetian gown of the twelve yards of burgundy and gold fabric Tom recently bought for me. Tentative deadline: Val Day.

Friday, October 02, 2009

Bustled Butterfly Train

It killed me to do it but I spent $20 ($15 for the pattern plus $5 for shipping)on a pattern from Truly Victorian for their 1880's butterfly train. The pieces are so simple but it was the pleating that I just couldn't figure out on my own. I still had to read through a couple of times before I "got" the pleating in the center that forms the butterfly effect. This practice version is done with inexpensive cotton broadcloth, black with brown lining, so it will be worn with my more casual steampunk clothes. I'm thinking of wearing it this weekend with the brown blouse shown, a black corset over the blouse, and black and brown striped pants. Or maybe black lace trimmed bloomers instead of the pants. :shrug: Now that I've figured out how to put it together I would like to make one in taffeta (perhaps striped) with a matching skirt before Windycon next month.

And a little fun with the granddaughter too young to protest. :D