Monday, June 18, 2007

A Day at the Beach

We had our first visit of the season to the beach today and I got some great photos! I've printed out a dozen of them and already scrapped the first one using papers from the Scraplovers June sponsor Crafters workshop.

He was Hot! LOL

DH and I went to our first ever Highland Games over the weekend and had a blast! I took a ton of photos but had to scrap this one and share the story behind it as soon as I got home. The journaling says "This gentleman was dressed in full regalia and waiting in the shade for the closing ceremonies of the Highland Games to begin when he was approached by two women asking "Aren't you hot in that?" I had to chuckle and share with him that the correct response was to treat the question as a statement and simply say "thank you". We hear this a lot when in garb at a renfest." And he was hot in an older Sean Connery kind of way. :D

I was tagged!

uh oh! Linda tagged me! So here goes!
These are the rules…. Each player starts with 7 random facts about themselves on their Blog. People who are tagged need to blog 7 facts about themselves and post the rules as well. At the end of their blog list 7 people you are tagging. Let them know that they are tagged by leaving them a comment.

1. I've been married for almost 26 years to the same man! Hard to believe in this day and age, isn't it?

2. I've recently discovered that I enjoy sewing.

3. My second toe is longer than my big toe.

4. I am a chocoholic. Really. If there is chocolate in the house I will eat it. I can't help myself.

5. My favorite color is blue.

6. I love animals and to me a house without pets is not a home. I currently share my home with one dog and one cat plus the two turtles and all the fish who live in my son's room.

7. I am the right-handed daughter of a left-handed mom and two of my three children are left-handed.

Hmm...who to tag? Who do I know who hasn't already been tagged? Can a person be tagged more than once? Lisa, Renee, Anne, Jules,Sandi, Colleen, and Fran were tagged!

Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Some Recent Pages

I have been doing a little scrapping between sewing projects. I am particularly pleased with "The Candy Lady" created with products from The Crafters Workshop for Scraplovers. And I had to combine my hobbies by scrapping a page for a challenge at Scrapperie using photos of my daughter in her new garb. :)

More Adventures in Sewing

After realizing that I really can sew (doing it mostly by hand, though, since the sewing machine and I still still don't get along well) I started working on some things for myself. I made some alterations to my purchased bodice by covering the large grommets with strips of velveteen and sewing on decorative lacing rings. I made a hat and woven ribbon caul for myself and a beaded net haircovering for my daughter. I made a cartridge pleated velveteen trimmed wool skirt and a bum roll to wear under it. I made a set of reversible sleeves with one side matching the blue wool of the skirt and the other matching the navy brocade of my bodice. I made a linen partlet (think of it as an Elizabethan dickey! LOL). Next up is a square necked shift to wear under everything since the partlet looks silly with the gathered neck chemises I have. I am hoping that these additions will bring my garb to more of a middle class than peasant look. I have also been working on a Florentine gamurra dress in between the other things.

Hi! It's me again!

When I started this blog I intended to stick to the subject of papercrafting but, since discovering a new passion, I have decidied to expand it to include any and all creative pursuits. :)
My DH, youngest DD, and I began attending renaissance festivals in garb last year. Most of our clothing came from ebay augmented by a few purchases at the faires. Things are changing this faire season. About the time of my last blog entry my daughter told me that she didn't want to wear "clothes from the store" this year. Last year she wore a faerie costume consisting of a peasant blouse and broomstick skirts from her mundane wardrobe with wings and a bodice purchase at the Michigan Renaissance Festival. She said she wanted a "fancy dress" but didn't want to wear a corset or hoops. We did a little research and settled on a Florentine-esque style of gown. I hadn't sewn anything in YEARS but couldn't find anything that looked right that I could afford available for sale so about a week before the first faire of the season we hit the fabric store. Taking advantage of a lot of information and advice found on the internet I made her a linen Italian camecia and adapted a Simplicity pattern to make her a simple gown in one week's time to wear to the Marshall Mayfaire. She and I are both pleased with the results especially since I didn't think I could sew!