Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Hi! It's me again!

When I started this blog I intended to stick to the subject of papercrafting but, since discovering a new passion, I have decidied to expand it to include any and all creative pursuits. :)
My DH, youngest DD, and I began attending renaissance festivals in garb last year. Most of our clothing came from ebay augmented by a few purchases at the faires. Things are changing this faire season. About the time of my last blog entry my daughter told me that she didn't want to wear "clothes from the store" this year. Last year she wore a faerie costume consisting of a peasant blouse and broomstick skirts from her mundane wardrobe with wings and a bodice purchase at the Michigan Renaissance Festival. She said she wanted a "fancy dress" but didn't want to wear a corset or hoops. We did a little research and settled on a Florentine-esque style of gown. I hadn't sewn anything in YEARS but couldn't find anything that looked right that I could afford available for sale so about a week before the first faire of the season we hit the fabric store. Taking advantage of a lot of information and advice found on the internet I made her a linen Italian camecia and adapted a Simplicity pattern to make her a simple gown in one week's time to wear to the Marshall Mayfaire. She and I are both pleased with the results especially since I didn't think I could sew!


Amanda L. said...

Cindy- the dress is incredible....I wish I could sew like that....and that you do alot of this hand sewn is even more incredible.

joybear said...

This is just sooooooo BEAUTIFUL!!!! So talented!!