Sunday, May 06, 2007

Why do I Scrapbook?

It seems that question is being asked a lot this weekend as we celebrate National Scrapbook Day. I've been thinking about this and realize that it all boils down to the same thing: I scrapbook to connect.

To connect with my family. I like it when my kids look at a page and say "I remember that! Do you remember when....?" Journaling on my pages allows me to say things to them that I'm not able to say face to face. I do notice the smile on my husband's face when he reads what a wonderful man I think he is and how much I love him.

To connect with my past. Scrapping my parents and grandparents reminds me of their struggles and helps me to be more forgiving of their faults. Scrapping my childhood is theraputic and reminds me that there were a few bright spots among the darkness. And that it all contibuted to the person that I am today.

To connect to the future. I hope that future generations will look at my pages and learn a little about my family and I and what our lives were like and what our hopes and dreams were.

To connect with myself. Scrapbooking allows me an outlet to express myself. It gives me a voice and an identity other than someone's wife, mother, or employee.

To connect to the outside world. I don't get out much and, believe it or not, I'm very shy. Scrapbooking message boards allow me to meet people with a common interest. Sharing my pages and viewing their's lets us share our lives a bit and see that, wherever we are in the world, we aren't so different after all.


Tracey said...

This is a great idea, Cindy!!! I may have to borrow this one :)

Deanna Thompson said...

Great post! I didn't notice anything about no stinkin' nuggets, though!! heehee

Anonymous said...

OMG! huh....