Thursday, March 15, 2012

Dolly Day!

I fully intended to work on sewing projects yesterday but spent some "spa time" with my dolls instead. Zoey, an Ahcuhcum Zukin Blythe, got her stock makeup removed and custom makeup in apricot and copper.

Danni, a Simply Mango Blythe, has been waiting since Christmas for me to finish her freckles and makeup. I kept trying to make the freckles more subtle like her sister's but it just wasn't working. I guess she wanted bold freckles! LOL

Anneliese, a vintage Kenner Blythe, recently returned after living elsewhere for a few months. She got a hair treatment and a touch up to her blush.

Turkish Coats

Yup, I chose the "instant" gratification route. :D I finished the two coats in time to wear them to Fun & Games last weekend. I cheated an used temporary buttons (to eventually be replaces with thread covered buttons) and wore an Italian camecia and plain linen pants under them but it looked okay. I've got the materials for the gomleck, salwar, hat, & veil to be made before returning to the green wool dress.

Wednesday, March 07, 2012

Decisions, Decisions!

I set my sewing aside for over a week because of a fibro flare but now I feel like sewing again. The question is: Do I finish the green wool gown? (Front of bodice is finished, still pad-stitching the lining for the back, and skirt panels cut but not sewn.) Or do I set that aside and do the Ottoman ensemble? On the one hand the green dress has been a UFO for so long that I should just Get. It. Done. But, on the other hand, I think I could whip out the Ottoman garb by this weekend because I would do most of it by machine as I am only concerned with the look of the garments and don't feel the need to do it by hand. Hmmm...I think I am leaning toward instant gratification! LOL