Sunday, March 24, 2013

Yeah, I know

It's been ages since I posted anything. I've been too busy riding the Fibromyalgia roller coaster. Last summer's extreme heat took it's toll making me extremely lethargic Then through fall and early winter the pain increased to the point that I was just trying to keep from losing my mind until the next dose of pain medication. We had to cancel our trip to Pennsic and forfeit or camping fees because had no energy to prepare for the trip. My meds were changed a couple of months ago so that I have not needed painkillers but I am still tired all of the time. I am determined to make it to Pennsic this year and find the energy to make new grab for tom and Kacie. Garb to-do list: 1. Lose 15 lbs in 8 weeks so I can fit my garb for The Steampunk World's Faire. 2. Alter Tom's zupan before Day at the Castle so it lays better at the neck and shoulders. 3. Decide what we are wearing to Coronation. (Not attempting anything new.) 4. Figure out what style of shirt is worn under the Zupan and make three or four before Pennsic. 5. Find and purchase a new corset before SPWF. 6. Make or (more likely) buy a couple of skirts before SPWF. 7. Make Tom a plain Zupan before Althing. Plus a few more before Pennsic 8. Make 5 or 6 simple Chiton for Kacie for Pennsic. And, if I actually manage to do all of the above... 9. Make myself a new Campi camping dress before Pennsic.