Sunday, October 28, 2007

A Mini Album, Some Cards, and a Contest

After a little time off I am back to creating!
I finally got the photos printed and finished up the Flat Meg project. The backstory: Lady Meg is a local renfaire participant that Tom and I met through She was fortunate to be accepted into an acting program in Ireland this semester but that meant that she missed out on most of the season at the Michigan Renaissance Festival and her home-sickness was showing in her posts at the R/F forum. Since Meg couldn't be there herself, I got the bright? idea to have "Flat Meg" join us for the final weekend at MIRF. I didn't have an appropriate photo in my files so Ladyfair came to my rescue and emailed me a photo of Meg. I blew up the image and printed it out in about 15 sections which I adhered to foamcore to produce Flat Meg. We took Flat Meg to the faire on that final Sunday and opted to leave her at Things From rings while we wandered Hollygrove. All the time on my feet that weekend caught up with me so Tom and I headed to the parking area so I could take some pain reliever and sit and rest for a while. When we didn't make it back in time for the R/F group photo, Lady Ann escorted Flat Meg to the photo shoot then let her tag along to the wenches guild party. Most of the photos used for the album were taken by Lady Ann with Ladyfair's camera. Thanks for your help, ladies!

I've also been participating in the card-a-day sketches challenge at Scrapperie. You still have a chance to get in on this before the end of the month. These are a few of the cards I've made using Martha's sketches:

Now is the time to sign up for the Nov./Dec. non-elimination 8 week layout challenge that KimL141 will be hosting at You'll need to sign up by Nov. 2nd to be eligible for prizes though you are welcome to do the challnges just for fun at any time.