Wednesday, June 13, 2007

More Adventures in Sewing

After realizing that I really can sew (doing it mostly by hand, though, since the sewing machine and I still still don't get along well) I started working on some things for myself. I made some alterations to my purchased bodice by covering the large grommets with strips of velveteen and sewing on decorative lacing rings. I made a hat and woven ribbon caul for myself and a beaded net haircovering for my daughter. I made a cartridge pleated velveteen trimmed wool skirt and a bum roll to wear under it. I made a set of reversible sleeves with one side matching the blue wool of the skirt and the other matching the navy brocade of my bodice. I made a linen partlet (think of it as an Elizabethan dickey! LOL). Next up is a square necked shift to wear under everything since the partlet looks silly with the gathered neck chemises I have. I am hoping that these additions will bring my garb to more of a middle class than peasant look. I have also been working on a Florentine gamurra dress in between the other things.


Mellie said...

everything you have made is just incredible Cindy and even more so since it is by hand! Fabulous work indeed!

Linda said...

I am sao amazed at your sewing! It looks so awesome!