Friday, September 25, 2009

Introducing Genevieve!

I have another new little girl in my life. :giggle: I had been thinking about adopting a Blythe doll and on the day Keira was born I took the plunge in celebration. She was a NRFB Prima Dolly Ashlette who arrived on Monday.

I gave her a hot water treatment to straighten her hair and dressed her in new clothes (a BFC Ink doll outfit).

Then I sand-matted her face to remove the glare and to get rid of her ugly yello-green "old bruise color" eyeshadow.

Then I got brave and opened up her head so I could remove her eye mechanism.

I painted her eyelids and added a rubon flower, painted eyeliner, and added grey eyeshadow.

I bought her more new clothes (Best Friends Club Ink and Moxie Girlz clothes fit well), her own white puppy, and a laptop to complete her "mini me" look.

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