Friday, February 17, 2012

Crazy Doll Lady

One of the things I was doing during the time that I wasn't blogging was adding to my doll collections. I added more Blythe dolls while a few were sent off to new homes, some vintage dolls have come and gone, and I've gotten more into Asian ball-jointed dolls or BJDs.
This was the collection at the beginning of 2011:
ADAD 2011 1-1-11

Since then these Blythe dolls have joined the family:
Amelia Rose
Phoebe I
Little Miss No Name
Long Lost Sister
Mango (on the left) arrived for Christmas. I am in the process of custimizing her to be Daphne's twin. :)

These are the BJDs currently residing here:
Me, too!
Ruby I
"Can we keep them, pwease?"
Lily's New Wig
Nameless Minifee II
ADAD: 17/366: The New Guy

I hope you've enjoyed looking at my dolly family as much as i enjoy collecting and customizing them. :)

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