Friday, September 01, 2006

Blog Challenge #2

Challenge #2 is to upload your "mug shot". I read that and thought "Gee, I already have my mug on my blog. I used my avatar. Oh! Not that kind of mug?!" So here is my favorite coffee mug. I've had this one for a couple of years and use it every morning. I get up in the morning a drink two mugs full of coffee will I catch up on my favorite web sites. I love my insulated mug because it keeps my coffee hot, it actually fits the cup holder in my car, the handle is comfortable in my hand, and (best of all) it is my favorite color blue! :D (btw- challenge #1 was to create a blog if you didn't already have one.)


Nancy said...

Love the mug. :) That is a great scrapper/stampers mug. :)

Linda said...

That's a great mug!!!