Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Weekend in Review: Sunday

Sunday we took it easy with a short day of watching the entertainment including Owain Phyfe's Irish music, the joust, and the Pirate Shantyman & The Bonnie Lass. ***ALERT-READ NO FURTHER IF YOU HAVE A WEEK STOMACH!*** Okay, this was extrememly gross when it happened but hilarious in retrospect! Remember my beautiful flintlock pistol from my previous post? Well, it got baptized at "Our Lady of the Blue Waters". I was using the port-o-privy when the pistol slipped from my sash and into the blue waters. The image of the split second that it was suspended on the surface before slipping under will be etched in my mind forever! I flipped out! There was no way I was reaching in after it but I wasn't about to wave goodbye to my $50 purchase either. I decided that I would leave my phone number with security and ask that the persons responsible for cleaning the privies retrieve my pistol for me. While I was trying to find someone from the staff my husband found a stick, fished out my pistol, and washed it off. So I tucked it back into my sash, washed my hands with an alcohol wipe, did not touch the pistol the rest of the day, then scrubbed the heck out of it with scalding hot water and antibacterial soap when we returned to the hotel.

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Anonymous said...

glad you got it back..i would've reached in and grabbed it (i'm australian, breed ém tough here;)) then washed the hell out of it!