Thursday, May 08, 2008

Aren't they purty?

Tom and I have recently met some people from out local Society of Creative Anachronism and attended our first event. Now we are preparing for our first three day camping event in mid June. While it isn't required or expected I would like to try to decorate our tent to look like a 16th century Florentine Italian camera or bedchamber. Last week I found a couple of woven shawls/throws on clearance at TJ Maxx that I can toss over a chair or use as tablecloths as well as two clearance curtain panels at BB&B in a red and gold chenile jaquard that I think will look good as hangings behind the bed or even as "carpets" on the floor. Today I went back to BB&B and scored four red silk curtain panels that add up over nine yards of fabric for $25! For now I will use them as wallhangings or throws or whatever but I plan to eventually cut them up and make a gown from them. :) Pictured here are the perfectly gorgeous majolica plates I found at Pier 1. They look so much like the period majolica I'v seen online that I had to have them. Unfortunately, they were not on clearance so I only bought the two plates. I'll probably go back next week and buy two to four more. LOL The other photo is a trinket box made in Italy that I found on ebay. I thought it was cute with the little heraldic devices painted on it.


croppin carla said...

Well sounds like you are gonna go all out to decorate that tent....good for you. Sounds like you will have alot of fun!

Lala said...

This sounds like so much fun! You are one of the coolest people i know!! I cannot wait to see pics!