Monday, September 15, 2008

Calzoni aka Italian Bloomers

I had the idea in my head that I wanted to make these with a gusseted crotch rather than using a curved seam and did some poking around on the internet and found a cutting diagram on Kat's Drawers page. After converting her measurements from centimeters to inches I thought the waist/hip measurement looked a bit too full for me. I was guessing a measurement approximately one-and-a-half times my hip measurement and two times my waist measurement would be full enough and measuring my purchased bloomers confirmed that estimate. I wasted too much time on other things today to get the fabric cut before bedtime so I'm putting that off 'til tomorrow. I'm planning to machine stitch a pair out of some crinkle cotton to make sure my measurements work out before cutting a pair out of linen to be hand stitched.

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