Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Practice Run

It's a good thing that I did a practice run because I did goof up the gussets and had to fix them. I officially hate crinkle cotton. It is vile stuff to work with. I intended to do felled seams but this stuff was so awful with it's stretchy curling edges that I ended up zigzag stitching the seam allowances and calling it good enough. I also sewed the drawstring casing around the waist with a zigzag stitch since the stupid crinkle crap acted more like a knit fabric. I'm sure they will be comfortable to wear but I never want to sew that kind of fabric again.

Aren't they sexy?! LOL


joybear said...

Very sexy!

croppin carla said...

Great job as always on the sewing.

{monica} said...

Very sexy...where can I get me some? lol

Cathy said...

That's HOT!!!

You are a multi talented lady, thats for sure!