Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Just eat the damn frog already! LOL

Monica at ScrapFreak posted a daily inspiration recently about "eating the frog" or doing the most important task first then moving on. I've piddled away the whole day on other projects without eating my frog by making new sleeves for the loose gown and they need to be done before Saturday! I'm torn between doing a short puff sleeve so the sleeve of the gown underneath will show or doing a long sleeve for a bit more warmth. I just can't decide! On the plus side I did go pick up the beads I was waiting for from Hobby Lobby and made a new front drop for my girdle to replace the one that was lost at the renfest Labor Day weekend. I stopped by Home Depot for a couple of paint stir sticks and added a busk pocket to my corset and slid a paint stick in. I also picked up some gray fleece that I cut into a cloak for Tom to wear with his garb when it is cold.

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{monica} said...

I could use some motivation to eat my damn frog today too! lol