Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Fake Venetian?

A post on the RenaissanceFestival.com forums this morning asking about stomachers got me thinking. When I made my blue gown last summer it was too tight by the time I finished it so I wore it once and didn't plan to wear it again until I lost some weight. The stomacher question got me thinking about how I could still wear it while losing the weight. I had leftovers from the gold embroidered curtain panel that I used to make the forepart, sleeves, and caul (which btw is currently on clearance for $20 at BB&B) so I pulled it out and pinned it to my corset.

I played with it a bit and removed the farthingale, pinned the skirt closed, and laced a cord across the bodice opening. Whadya think? Could it pass as a Venetian gown?

PS- I realized I could also do this with leftover silk and my red silk sleeves.

(Kindly disregard the camecia/smock in these photos. It's just what happened to already be on Bertha so she wouldn't be naked.)

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Lisa said...

Oh wow........ that is just beautiful! Great work.