Thursday, April 09, 2009

Assembly Line Tunics

I've started on the linen tunics for Tom's summer camping garb. I measured and cut all five on Saturday then pinned all the gussets and gores on Tuesday and started sewing the first one. When it came time to cut the neck and figure out the facing/trim I pulled out my circle template from The Crafter's Workshop and the rotarty cutter I got free when I purchased my paper trimmer. I love it when I can use my scrapbooking supplies on my sewing projects! LOL Today I got the first one done except for the hemming (I'm still undecided whether or not to do the contrasting fabric at the hem) and the gussets and gores sewn on the second one. They will be brown trimmed with green, green trimmed with navy, navy trimmed with rust, rust trimmed with teal, and teal trimmed with brown.

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Artemisia said...

Love the colors, the colors!