Friday, April 03, 2009


JoAnn's has been redeemed in my eyes! I know I have complained several times about the half-aisle of crappy scrap supplies and the limited selection of fabrics at my local store. The new humongous Superstore just opened so I headed there this morning with my coupon to 20% off my entire purchase and LOVED the place! The scrapbooking section was a big as the entire store near me and looked to have a better selection of desirable products but I resisted the urge to browse that area because I was there for fabric. Most fabric stores around here much of what they offer as "linen" is poly-rayon linen weave crap with a few bolts of linen blends mixed in. Well this new store had at least 15 different colors of REAL 100% LINEN!!! After some internal debate I did opt for the linen rayon blends at half the price since I have a lot of garb to make before camping SCA season but I will defintely be going back for my next 100% linen purchase. Anyway, I bought enough fabric, matching thread, and misc. to make five tunics for Tom and a dress for me for under $90!
I read recently that just about any color can be achieved with natural dyes so there is no reason to restrict yourself to muddy earth tones to appear "period". Taking that to heart I chose olive, teal, navy, rust, and brown for Tom's tunics and intend to trim each with one of the contrasting colors. I have the fabrics all prewashed and ironed so I'll be starting soon! (These are the strips I tore off to even up the cut ends.)

I purchased a reddish purple for my dress shown below with the navy and seafoam green I already had planned for camping dresses.

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Artemisia said...

The Michigan Joann Superstore. When I visited MIRF two years ago the hubby and I ran into Famous Daves (had dinner there) and across the street was a JoAnn Etc.

Mind you our JoAnn is small and old-fashioned.

The hubby smiled to himself as I walked up to the automatic doors. They opened and *pinged* at me, inviting me in. The store was well lit and modern-looking. The hubby said my mouth was open as I slowly walked up and down the aisles.

Definitely an angel chorus "Aaaaaaaa" moment.