Saturday, May 02, 2009

Finished Campi

Got 'er done! It goes fast when you use the sewing machine. LOL I did cartridge pleat the skirt by hand while watching Leverage with Tom last night then stitched it to the bodice this morning while watching Ever After. All the bias tape trim was machine sewn and I used a trick I read in a dress diary (Festive Attyre?) to sew the trim to the bottom edge of the skirt then flip it to the outside and stitch it down creating the hem at the same time. Now making two more dresses and three more tunics in the next three months doesn't seem so daunting.

eta: For whatever reason I can't see it right in front of me but when I look at the full-size photos I can see that the looser pleats at the front need a few more stitches. The white of the camecia shows in a few spots. :sigh:


Lisa said...

Oh that is just beautiful! Your sewing talents continue to amaze me. WTG

Artemisia said...

::researches Festive Attyre::

That hem/guard option is faboo! I have to redo and add a guard at the hem on my orange florentine - now I know how.