Wednesday, May 06, 2009


Remember a few weeks back when I was whining about my "baby" sewing machine breaking in the middle of a project? But then I discovered that the ancient Kenmore my son had dragged home would still work for a straight stitch even without the missing cams? Since then I have been scouring the internet in search of the cams, had only found one set for this model (Kenmore model 158.523) on ebay, and was outbid at the last second at a selling price of about $40. So last week I was searching again but removed the word "cams" from my search. I found the same sewing machine listed as having the wiring replaced and coming with "all original accessories". I went ahead and bid $50 for it and won the auction. It arrived this morning and not only did it come with all of the cams, an extra "regular" foot, a buttonhole attatchment, a boatload of bobbins, a boatload of needles including a double needle it also came with an automatic buttonholer attachment (Um..gotta read the instructions for that puppy!) AND a box of "Genuine Greist sewing aids" including a cloth guide, an adjustable zipper and cording foot, a gathering foot, a quilting attatchment, a narrow hemmer (for machine rolled hems), a 1/4" hemmer, a multiple slotted binder (for stiching seam binding on all in one step), and a ruffler (again gotta study the instructions on that!). :happydance: Now I have two matching machines with one giganto set of accessories! :happydance:
Oh! There was another thing here that I overlooked after unpacking the box: There's a leatherette case containing a White Magic Key Buttonhole Worker. It has some different sizes of buttonhole thingies that weren't icluded with the Kenmore butonholer so I'll have to figure out if they are interchangable or not.


Cricket said...

That is AWESOME!!!!! I need to take my machine in to be looked does a straight stitch fine but sometimes (and not always) it will miss a hole on the zig zag stitch?? Strange..

Enjoy all your cool new goodies!!


Leslie said...

What an exciting find!