Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Small Victories

Who would have thought that cleaning up dog poop could make me happy? That's just one example of something I hadn't been able to do before my doctor prescribed the Cymbalta. Raking the old winter poop into a pile then scooping it up and putting it in a trash bag was something that was just too painful to attempt. It felt great to get the yard cleaned up pain free! It makes me happy to regain my independence and not have to let things go or depend on others to do things for me.
Yes, I know I've been a bad blogger again. But this time it was because I've have been out enjoying life and too busy to blog instead of not wanting to blog because I felt like crap and figured you all didn't want to read my whiny posts. LOL

1 comment:

Jessica said...

:yay: So glad its working well. Feeling bad just plain ole sucks. hope you continue to feel well!