Sunday, January 23, 2011

Linen Tunic

I thought I would share a very easy sewing project.

Linen tunic inspired by Italian Ren camicie and little girls' pillowcase dresses. To take on vacation and wear over bathing suit, tank top & leggings, or as a nightie. Raw edges are intentional.
Start with two rectangles the width of your fabric by 24-30" depending on whether you want a shorter top or a longer tunic. The "hardest" part is pleating the center of one long edge front and back. I left approximately 8" at each end unpleated. This could simply be gathered.

Pin front and back together at the top corners and sew about two inches at each end to create shoulder seams. Pull thread to gather down to about an inch. Then pin short selvage edges together. Leave approx. 10" open at the top to form arm holes. Sew down the side, leaving edge exposed on the outside of the tunic, to hip length leaving the bottom few inches unsewn. (The length of the unsewn vent will depend on the overall length.) Have fun belting and embellishing as you please. You could tie ribbons or lace around the shoulders, too. :)

I think I have some black crinkle cotton in my stash to make another tunic. :D

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