Wednesday, January 05, 2011

October 2010

October was a month of roller coaster emotions. Early in the month my mother-in-law was hospitalized for a tear in her esophagus. When it was determined that she was too weak to withstand surgery she was moved to a nursing home to receive hospice care. The end of the month was totally crazy including the scramble to complete plans for Jason & Stephanie's wedding. Then the unexpected passing of my brother-in-law Dick on the 24th (he hadn't been in the best of health but we were expecting him to recover, visitation, and the funeral & burial services on the 28th. The next day, Oct. 29th., my MIL passed away. The bright spot was Jason & Stephanie's wedding and Halloween themed reception on the 30th. Though we were sad that his grandmother and uncle were not there to celebrate with us, everyone seemed to enjoy the much needed break from grieving.

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