Friday, February 17, 2012

Pluggin' Away

I'm making progress on the green gown. I worked on the padstitching for a bit last night then again this afternoon. I got the front interlining finished then stitched on the outer fabric and lining. I took another look at the drawings of Eleanora's burial gown in Patterns of Fashion and noted that the stitching only shows along the waistline, presumably where the skirt was stitched to the bodice. Therefore, I stiched the outer and lining fabrics at the same time (making sure the thread went through the canvas layer) instead of sewing the outer fabric with a running stitch then stitching the lining over it like I did with the red and gold gown.
true colors!
And I finally got a photo that shows the true colors of the fabrics!

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jennifer said...

Pretty! There is something about hand sewing and seeing hand sewing that is just so calming. :)
-Lady Rosalind