Saturday, June 14, 2008

Feast of the Strawberry Moon

We spent a couple of hours checking out a late 1700's historical re-enactment in Grand Haven today. It was interesting but the best part was the scenery. :D

Yeh, there were other people there. But the middle-aged pot-bellied guys in three layers of wool weren't nearly as much fun to photograph.


Heredia Family/Yvie said...

Oh my.....great pictures LOL! Hope you had a great time at the re-enactment.

La- said...

Oh yes yes... lovely lovely scenery!!! Beautiful landscapes... nicely done girl!!


Lisa said...

Talk about your scenery. Oooohlala.

To Make A Long Story Short...(too late)!! said...

Oh my dear lord! The Johnny Appleseed Festival in September in Fort Wayne IN has similar 'scenery'. Extraordinary!

BTW, you left a comment on my dress diary about where I came up with the gold kirtle idea?
Answer: The bodice is open in front and I didn't want to have my camecia showing but I needed the camecia to poke out of the sleeves. I thought about a panel or a small chemise, but decide in the end to have a full under dress.

wendyp said...

lol@middle aged men in wool. Nice scenery!