Monday, June 16, 2008

Still the ADD Costumer!

Yup, I changed my mind again! LOL Remember the "medievalish" Butterick pattern I was going to make up in the pink poly satin but I ended up using the pink to line the black coat? And remember the red dupioni curtains I bought with the idea of making them into a Venetian gown? Well, I decided last week that I really need something to wear to Silverleaf (which, even though they advertise themselves as a Renaissance faire, is really more of a Medieval Fantasy Faire what with their King Arthur theme last year and Robin Hood this year) and since the pattern has inappropriate princess seaming the inappropriate slubbed dupioni would be a good match. The dress is finished except for doing the handstitched lacing eyelets. Even though the dress itself isn't all that historicaly accurate I still don't want to use metal grommets. And for even more proof of how ADD I am- I had to run to the store yesterday for red floss to do the eyelets and, of course, I had to wander the aisles to listen for any fabric calling my name. I bought some green linen that may or may not eventually be turned into a period appropriate "cotehardie" dress and some very soft drapey purple cotton that is being made into a Roman Chiton. Yeh, I didn't feel like doing the handstitched eyelets so I started in on a handstitched rolled hem instead. Go figure. Be looking later this week for pics of the finished "medievalish" dress and the chiton.


croppin carla said...

Cindy I love coming here to see what you have up your sleeve next.....LOL PICTURES?

Shannon Schafer said...

Can't wait to see what you come up with Cindy!!! I am a total fan of your sewing skills!!!