Sunday, August 13, 2006


How often do you labor over a layout editing your photo/s, choosing the perfect papers and coordinating embellishments, just the right font , etc? I sat down to work on a page yesterday and started going through my patterned paper looking for just the right combo when it hit me- IT’S NOT ABOUT THE STUFF, IT’S ABOUT THE MEMORIES!!! So I grabbed a sheet of cheap white cardstock, my crappy uncropped photos, and my black journaling pen and went to town! (Okay, so I did stamp the title but I didn’t care that it wasn’t straight )You know what? It felt great!


Amy W. said...

it looks awsome! i know how you feel...i get to that point sometimes and it feels good to focus on the memory and not the eye-catching candy on my pages. this layout made me tear up. ;>

AnneMarie said...

hooray for you! great perspective and journaling!