Friday, August 18, 2006


Well, my goofball "colorful" page didn't make the cut for the Last Scrapper Standing contest. I admit that I am a little disappointed but not at all surprised. I knew it wasn't my best effort but I had fun making it and that's the important part. :) You'll have to check out the DT reveal at ScrapLovers on Sunday 8/20 to see the rest of the pages I did this week. I'll be taking a much needed break this weekend to attend the Michigan Renaissance Festival.


wendyp said...

Cindy, I LOVED that page!!! Sorry you didn't move on.

Amy W. said...

bummers about the contest, that page ROCKS!

it's unreal the amount of participats that are in that...crazy odds, ya know?!

love browsing your blog! ;>

Anonymous said...

well I AM surprised it did'nt make it, i thought it was very cool indeed, the whole colour thing was fantastic