Tuesday, April 29, 2008


Things aren't going too well for little Max. He started his first chemo treatment yesterday and they are keeping him in the hospital where they can keep an eye on things through the end of the week. Continued prayers appreciated.
So I kinda chickened out on asking J. questions over the weekend because I was uncomfortable asking but I took her to see her caseworker at Dept. of Human Services this morning and found out that she does qualify for state disability benefits. She does have a caseworker through Michigan Rehabilitation Services and I will be meeting him and having him bring me up to speed on Thursday. And she is seeing a psycologist. so good to know that she is getting help. Now the latest crisis is that I just found out that her senior prom is Friday night! Fortunately, she does have a dress and shoes that someone gave her but she needs the proper bra and most of her clothes are in rough shape so we are headed out for an afternoon of shopping.

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Patrice~ said...

you are indeed a very compassionate, strong and caring woman. hugs and peace ~