Sunday, April 27, 2008

Zibellini Embellishment: Take Two

I'm making progress but I'm still not quite there yet. I molded the clay on the plaster form and left the form in place during baking this time. I also used a thicker layer of clay. The thicker clay held it's shape better but I didn't bake it long enough and it cracked when I took it off the plaster form. I put it back in the oven to finish baking then attempted to glue the broken piece back on but that didn't really work. I am happier with how this one looks, though. I'll try to build up the forehead/brow area a bit and make the snout narrower on the next try. Also, I think I'll need to include the gold ring through the snout before baking because it looks like it would be a PITA to get it in there after. So I'll buy more clay and give it another go sometime in the next week or two. And FYI- If it still doesn't turn out as planned on the next try Mr. Zibby will just stick to the jeweled collar cuz three strikes and I'm out! LOL

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