Tuesday, March 18, 2008


Aaaaah! Accessories! [:D] I've completed a few things to go with my remodeled gown.
I made a girdle by combining a jeweled chain belt found at Marshalls with part of a pearl lariat necklace I found at an estate sale years ago.

To tie the pearl drop with the chain belt I found similar beads to add in between secrions of chain.

I also used parts from the pearl lariat to make a "leash" for the ebay mink collar to transform it into a zibellino.

I also made a girdle from some antiqued gold beads that DH found for me. I still need to find a tassel or pomander for it. For now it has the dangly from the other end of the lariat.


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Cindy you just amaze me at all the work that you are putting into this.......it is stunning...cant wait to see the whole thing on you!