Thursday, August 07, 2008

Blue & Red Elizabethan

I lied. I told myself that I wasn't going to make any more garb until after faire season was over and then it would be an Itailan gown made from the green wool. Well, all that changed when I saw this dress!

I just love the medium blue and red color combination. So I remembered that I do have the extra set of red silk sleeves that didn't fit the armholes of the medeival dress and that medium blue wool twill skirt banded in navt cotton velveteen.

I pulled the skirt out of storage, stitched the side opening closed, and split it up the front banding the edges with more of the velveteen.

I need to go shopping tomorrow and find some trim. I plan to run trim down the front on either side of the velveteen and around the bottom between the two bands of velveteen and possibly a second row below the wider band. (Depends on what I find and what the cost per yard is.) I also need to purchase some fabric for a forepart. I'm thinking that "silk" decorator fabric Hobby Lobby always seems to have with the multicolor embroidery. Since the skirt and bodice fabric are so plain I want something with a lot of texture. I have started the bodice. I am using my Margo Anderson pattern and am making a front closing bodice this time around. The one I made before still fits well so I went ahead and cut the lining of blue broadcloth and wil baste that together and double check the fit before cutting the blue wool. I'm using some ugly tan twill to interline the bodice front and have stitched in the boning channels. I'm using heavy-duty plastic duct ties for the boning.

I plan to use Margo's paned cap sleeves on this and rounded tabs on the bottom similar to the inspiration photo. I plan to have bands of the navy velveteen across the top front and down either side of the front opening which will close with hooks.Then I'll add whatever trim I buy to either side of that. I plan to do the sleeves with trim down the center of each pane and use the navy velveteen for the bottom band. I guess we will see if I can stick to the plan or if I change my mind ten times before the project is finished. LOL Oh, yeh, I forgot to mention that I made a red silk caul last light to wear with my navy velveteen Italian bonnet.


Leslie said...

You make it sound so simple...

Cricket said...

oh my gosh, I could never sew an outfit like that! Your skirt looks wonderful!!! Wanna make mine? LOL!!


croppin carla said...

WOW......that's going to turn out so nice...I like that color combo too! Can't wait to see it when it's done.

Kat said...

I love the color and simplicity of design. Very pretty. That picture of your inspiration dress is actually of a fellow cast-member of mine playing Lady Mary Sidney at Bristol! I'm so glad our work inspires!