Thursday, August 28, 2008


This was a very difficult layout to do. There was soooo much more that could have been said. Like how it breaks my heart when Tom talks about not knowing how much longer his mom will be alive. Or how she doesn't know who my kids are anymore. I guess the bright side is that she is nice to Kacie now because she doesn't remember that she has disabilites so she seems to have forgotten that she always treated her differently from her other grandchildren and kept her distance from her. I never went through this with my parents. My dad died of a terminal illness when he was was 26 (and I was 3) and my mother was killed in an auto accident at 50. And Tom's dad died unexpectedly following surgery before we were married. So Marie is the only grandparent my children have.

Edited 9/8 to add that Marie was hospitalized on 8/29 with a pulmonary embolism. She was released on 9/2 into her daughter's care. She was allowed to assume that living with Janet is a temporary thing while she recovers. None of her 11 kids have had the guts to tell her that she cannot live alone anymore.


croppin carla said...

Oh Im sure that was a difficult lay out to do. But I have to tell you that it turned out beautiful.

Lisa said...

It's a wonderful layout, but I love it even more after reading what you wrote.