Monday, March 23, 2009

Note to self

I'm mostly posting this so I'll be able to remember what I did when it's time to cut and sew the outer fabric for this coat. First I cut the collar with the nap of the fur running the same as the rest of the lining as it would have been had I cut the collar all in one with the fronts (which wasn't possible with a full lining cut from narrow fabric). The good part was that the seam blended well. The bad part was that having the nap of the fur run up when the collar was turned down looked just plain weird to me. I went back to my scrap and cut another collar with the fur running up as it is sewn to the body of the coat but running down when the collar is folded down. The seam is more noticible but I can live with that. The part I really need to remember so I can do the outside the same is that I ended up altering the seam so that the collar would lay smooth with the coat hanging open. When sewn along the original seam line the collar wanted to ripple instead of laying flat. I pinned the neck seam in a straight rather than curved line from about the center point between the shoulder seam and the front edge and that eliminated most of the rippling. ***The new seam started about 1 1/4" below the original seam line at the front connecting to the original seam line midway between the front and the shoulder. Now this change caused the center front edge and the collar edge to not meet in a smooth line so I tapered the center front edge from the edge of the collar to a point about 6" below the seam line.*** (I'll add pics later.) Now that it is past noon I really need to pee, have some breakfast, vacuum up all the fuzzies from the faux fur, and get dressed before I do any more with this project! LOL

alterations to collar

altered collar open

altered collar closed

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