Thursday, March 12, 2009

Two down!

Lots to go! I've started working on the list of garb we need for SCA camping. Tuesday and Wednesday were spent making two shifts using the Elizabethan Smock Pattern Generator Somehow I goofed on the length and made the first one shorter than intended. I like my smocks just below the knee but that one ended up just above. I corrected the length on smock #2, opted not to taper the sleeves, and added some black and silver lace trim. These were machine sewn with french seams. The neck facing and lace were hand stitched. I plan to make one more to get me through a week at Pennsic (I already have four long and two hip length smocks/camicie) but haven't decided which style to make. I haven't tried a high-necked shirt style smock yet so that might be the one.

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Artemisia said...

OMG, get out of my head!

Nice work. Now I know exactly who to bug when I run into problems. :)