Monday, June 01, 2009

Death and Taxes

We attended our first SCA camping event this past weekend- Death and Taxes hosted by the Canton of Dun Traigh. Our equipment got it's first test. The tent and rope bed went up easily. The bed was comfy and the sleeping bags kept us warm during the unusually chilly nights. Only a handful of us camped, many chose to day trip it Saturday, but we had a good time trying new things and getting to know each other better.

We took in the storytelling portion of the bardic competition. Lord Istvan and Lady Judith entertained us with their tall tales (as did the children who's photos I have not included since I didn't get permission from their parents.)

Tom and I took Ermas' cordial making class and are inspired to give it a try after sampling her wares. Tom went down the hill to watch some of the fighting and fencing. I stayed up at the lodge where I watched Thomasette's bead making demonstration but, as beautiful as they are, I don't think I will be getting into that since I don't think my arthrtic shoulders are up to the task.

Our girls came out for the afternoon for their first visit to an SCA event. It was also Kim's first time in garb! She wore the skirt she made herself (first sewing project ever!) and both girls added the stripey socks Tom bought for them.


Anonymous said...

Fun pics! And how cool to keep Kim dressed up in her first sewing project. Way to go!

Lisa said...

Wonderful photos! It was great to see Kim dressed up. Love the socks.