Monday, June 29, 2009

Pennsic Panic!

It dawned on me last night that I only have a month to finish all of my projects! (We will be heading down on August 1st because Tom doesn't want to use two weeks of vacation time and, more importantly, he doesn't want me to over-do it and pay the price.)
Sewing projects for myself include another Campi style dress, a couple more partlets, and some roman garb: two tunicas and a palla (I know as a married woman I should also wear a stola but the idea is to wear as little as possible when it becomes too hot to think.)
Sewing projects for Tom include finishing the last three linen tunics that are already cut out. They should go quickly because I have decided to leave out the side gores and just leave a split. He also needs something to keep his head from getting burned so I will attempt to make a couple of coifs.(Is that the right term for the hat that looks like an arming cap?)
We also need a table for meal prep and, rather than buying a mundane table, I would like to make one like this on from the Golden Lyon web site.


Artemisia Moltabocca said...

Gah, you just reminded me about making a toga and some sheer partlets. Oh, and some florentine sleeves and a new bedspread and red fabric for my dressing table and.....aaaaaaaaaaaaaah! >:)

La- said...

You are so talented! There is so much goin gon! I cannot wait to see everything you make and hear how it goes!!


Katie said...

I love reading about your projects. Can't wait to see the new table you make. :)