Friday, June 12, 2009

Silly Socks & Sleeves

So back at Val Day Ermas mentioned that she and Thomasette had purchased the same reddish purple linen that I had purchased to make camping garb. At Death & Taxes the three of us wore our purple dresses (Ermas in her Russian garb, Thomasette in her cotehardie, and me in my Italian Campi dress) but they both had mustard gold accents or accessories with their dresses and I didn't. I also had yet to make any sleeves for the dress so.............I made the purple sleeves that reverse to mustard gold. :D And we all bought fun purple and gold stripey socks. :D

In other sewing news: I also made sleeves for the navy Campi dress. I hadn't originally planned on sleeves mistakenly thinking that they wouldn't be needed for summer camping events becasue it would be too warm. Silly me, I know better now!
I also whipped up a canvas sunshade/rainfly this week but need to purchase lumber for the poles before I can set it up and take pics.

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La- said...

You are so creative- and talented... I love the purple with Gold idea! I bet you all looked great in purple together! :)