Thursday, June 04, 2009

Get Meaningful

Okay. Let me get this off my chest here and now. I am so tired of the people who think all scrapbookers are white middleclass Christian 30something suburban soccer mom's living in a McMansion with their husband and 2.5 perfect children scrapping little Suzy's birthday photos. Please don't pidgeon-hole scrapbookers. There are as many reasons for scrapping as there are scrapbookers. And many of us don't fit the stereotype. :whew: I feel better now! lol
One person I know who definitely does NOT fit the stereotype and makes wonderful scrapbook pages is jessica bree. Take a look at her blog and be inspired to Get Meaningful with your scrapbook journaling. (I don't think it's been officially anounced yet but I know the two new additions to her design team very well. :wink: )
This is what Bree has to say about Get meaningful:
What this is all about
I love to scrap and create... and I do much of it for the process, for the pure enjoyment of it. But this year I decided I want to also make sure I set aside time to scrap about the memories that really matter to me. For each person, this can be different. Questions to ask yourself:
If you left this world tomorrow would your scrapbook truly tell the story of you and your life?
Do you have a box of old photos that you still have not tackled out of fear or general procrastination?
Have you taken the time to record your family history? Not just the big events, but the little things? The traditions, the inside jokes, the little things that make each family unique?
Have you recorded the less pleasant events in life... the hard knocks that shape each of us?
Have you taken the time to WRITE down the stories behind the photos rather than just making a pretty page?
If any of these questions have you thinking about taking your scrapping further then I hope you will join us on this journey! I promise to share ideas and prompts to help get you digging deeper and thinking about the memories you want to document.

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