Sunday, July 19, 2009

13 Days

Thirteen more days before we head to Pennsic and so much to do between now and then!
Nothing has been accomplished the past few days with Norm's visitation, rosary service, and funeral mass plus me being in the midst of an arthritis/fibro/whateverthehellitis flare-up and feeling too tired and brain fried to do anything productive. So the to-do list includes:
*order Kacie's birthday cake
*make birthday cards for Kacie and Tom
*celebrate Kacie's 18th birthday on the 21st by taking her to order her class ring, tagging along when Kim takes her to get a tatoo, then cake & ice cream at home
*make invitations for Stephanie's baby shower so Kim can address and mail them while Tom and I are in Pennsylvania
*try to finish the "Keira's 1st Year" album before the end of the month so I can get credit for doing it during the ScrapFreak summer challenge (I thought the challenge ran through August so I would be able to finish after Pennsic but found out it only runs through the end of July.)
*celebrate Tom's 51st birthday on the 25th
*finish the second biggins cap/coif that I started earlier this week for Tom
*make the green linen roman tunica/chiton for me and possibly...
*buy trim for the chiton so that I can get away with machine sewing the hems and disguise the machine stitching
*make at least two partlets- one with gold lace trim
*get together with Rebecca to decide who is cooking which evenings at Pennsic
*test recipes and finalize dinner menus for Pennsic
*make an anniversary card
*help Tom apply a beeswax finish or milk paint to the chests and tables he's working on and the bed frame
Okay! I hope that's everything!

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