Sunday, July 26, 2009

I think I'm done sewing and ready to pack!

I finished the rolled hem around the top of the green chiton this morning and sewed on the buttons. The front and back panels are both 56" wide. The back neck opening is about 12" and I gave it an extra 6" of drape in the front for 18". For the openings down the sleeves the back edge has an inch more than the front between buttons which allows for a nice gap. For the purple chiton I cut the front panel to 44" and back to 40" giving it a 4" drape for the front neck and equal amounts front and back between the sleeve buttons. I think I prefer the extra drape I get with the green.

In addition to the two Roman tunica/chiton and pale seafoam palla I will be packing my old blue Italian dress (the first dress I made for myself):

and the two Campi inspired Italian dresses I made this spring:

I'll be bringing several pair of sleeves to mix and match with the Italian day dresses.
I'm bringing the black zimarra in case it gets chilly in the evenings and to wear as "housecoat" for morning coffee.

I'm bringing eight camecie/smocks, four partlets, ten pair of socks, plus two petticoats and two pair of bloomers as extra layers for chilly evenings.
I'm also bringing a non-period warm snuggley polar fleece ruana.(I really don't mind heat and humidity but cold and damp makes me hurt.)
I'm not sure if I'll have room but I would like to bring my Florentine gown:

Time to start carrying everything up from storage to the dining room to see if I can make it fit in the space that I have allotted myself for garb.

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KariAnnS said...

Wow- these are works of art! they really are.