Friday, July 10, 2009

Another Project for Tom

I've been working to get ahead on my scrapbooking projects this week so I can get back to the Pennsic prep next week. I still need to add the neck facings to and hem two more tunics for Tom and whip up a couple of partlets for me. I plan to make another dress, too, but might not get to it 'til the following week. While I am sewing Tom will be tackling the wood working projects. In addition to the table posted previously he will be making a pair of chests. I found instructions to make two chests from one sheet of plywood and five feet of 1x4. Here's what the chests made by Greydragon look like.

I intend to use the larger one to hold our beverage cooler and the smaller one to store the Coleman stove and cookware. Sunday I am attending Lady Ermas' class to make a fabric cover for our larger food cooler.

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