Monday, July 27, 2009

Pennsic Packing

I hauled everything to the dining room today and reorganized it to fit into the car. I ended up putting the feast gear and cooking stuff in the smaller chest after discovering that the Coleman stove is too tall to fit.This will be loaded in the car as is. The Coleman stove, beverage cooler, and non-perishible food will be housed in the larger chest once we are on site but it will be broken down for transport. I took our bedding and throws out of the tub they were in and divivded them between three stuff sacks so that they can be crammed into nooks and crannies in the car. Our clothing is fitting into three tubs- one for Tom and two for me. :D Add to that three chairs, two rugs, a tapestry, a table, the bed, and the tent and it will be a challenge for Tom to load it into the car! And lets not forget the BIG ASS food cooler. Speaking of which, I was wrong about being done with the sewing projects because I had forgotten about the coffin cover/cooler cover that I had cut out at Ermas' class. So I spent the late afternoon & early evening getting that done.
The updated To-Do list looks like this:
*make scrapbook pages for Get Meaningful lessons 19 & 20
*make an anniversary card
*apply beeswax finish to the rope bed frame
*apply butcher block finish to the table tops
*make invitations for Stephanie's baby shower so Kim can address and mail them while Tom and I are in Pennsylvania
*prepare poached pears
*hard boil eggs
*color my hair

*try to finish the "Keira's 1st Year" album before the end of the month so I can get credit for doing it during the ScrapFreak summer challenge (I thought the challenge ran through August so I would be able to finish after Pennsic but found out it only runs through the end of July.)JOURNALING INSERTS ARE DONE, HALF OF THE 14 PAGES ARE DONE

I dejunked and cleaned up the back porch, the pantry, stairs going up to the second floor, stairs going down the the basement, and the laundry room on Monday (7/20)
*order Kacie's birthday cake
*help Tom apply a beeswax finish to the chests he's working on
*make birthday cards for Kacie and Tom
*celebrate Kacie's 18th birthday on the 21st by taking her to order her class ring
*then cake & ice cream at home
*get together with Rebecca to decide who is cooking which evenings at Pennsic
*test recipes and finalize dinner menus for Pennsic
*make grocery list
*apply butcher block finish to wooden feast gear
*make a scrapbook page for the Get Meaningful lesson 18
*finish the second biggins cap/coif that I started earlier this week for Tom
*make at least two partlets
*celebrate Tom's 51st birthday on the 25th
*make the green linen roman tunica/chiton for me
*bring the camping gear and garb up from the basement so Tom can figure out how to pack it in the car
*sew cover for The Big Ass cooler

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La- said...

Girl yu have been making me tired with all these lists! I am glasd you are finally ready to be off so you can really ENJOY!! And I cannot wait to see pics of your space all done and being used while you are there!!!