Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Done with Tom's Tunics!

Woohoo! These things are just so boring to work on that I am happy to finally be done. I did the brown and the green back in the spring so he had something to wear then set them aside. I pulled them back out and finished the navy tunic then set them aside again. I finally made myself finish the rust and the teal tunics so that, along with his ren faire shirts, Tom will have enough garb to get through Pennsic. Next up are a couple of coifs so he won't burn his bald head then his garb will be done and I can get back to sewing my things.


Artemisia said...

I just love the color combinations on these!

Cindy aka HappyStamper said...

Thanks! I saw no need to do everything in boring beige and brown since these colors are achievable with natural dyes.