Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Another Pennsic Prep/To-Do List Update

We've gotten a few more things done so the the list is nearly complete now. :) The main thing is that Tom cut all the pieces for the tables yesterday then brought some hole saw drill attachments home from work today to cut the designs in the leg braces and assembled the front legs. I applied Howard Feed & Wax to the table legs and our bed frame and used Howard Butcher Block Finish on the table top.

We pretty much followed the construction detailed at Golden Lyon with a few minor changes. We cut the front legs from 1x2 lumber and the back legs and cross pieces were cut from 1x4 lumber because we had bought too much for the chests. When we put the table up we discovered that the 1x4 cross pieces weren't stable enough so, since we had made two sets of legs and are only bringing one table with us, we doubled up the cross pieces. Next time we'll just use 2x4's. LOL The other thing we did differently was to use hole saws instead of a jigsaw to cut the designs. the upper design was cut with a 1.5" hole saw and the bottom was done with a 2.75" hole saw.
Now that that project is finished the To-List looks like this:
*make an anniversary card
*make invitations for Stephanie's baby shower so Kim can address and mail them while Tom and I are in Pennsylvania
*make a scrapbook page to complete the July ScrapFreak challenges
*grocery shop
*prepare poached pears
*hard boil eggs

*try to finish the "Keira's 1st Year" album before the end of the month so I can get credit for doing it during the ScrapFreak summer challenge (I thought the challenge ran through August so I would be able to finish after Pennsic but found out it only runs through the end of July.)JOURNALING INSERTS ARE DONE, HALF OF THE 14 PAGES ARE DONE I've uploaded what I have done and bought the papers I needed to finish but have set the project aside to finish after we get home.


Cilean said...


GOlden Lyon is no longer having the pattern you used on thier site, can you send me a link?


Cindy aka HappyStamper aka Sealion said...

Uhoh! All I had were the instructions they posted. I didn't save anything.