Wednesday, July 22, 2009

To-Do List Update

Got a few things done. Added a few things to the list since Monday. :sigh:

I dejunked and cleaned up the back porch, the pantry, stairs going up to the second floor, stairs going down the the basement, and the laundry room on Monday- DONE
*order Kacie's birthday cake DONE
*help Tom apply a beeswax finish or milk paint to the chests and tables he's working on DONE
*make birthday cards for Kacie and Tom WILL USE CARDS PREVIOUSLY MADE
*celebrate Kacie's 18th birthday on the 21st by taking her to order her class ring DONE
tagging along when Kim takes her to get a tatoo- POSTPONED
then cake & ice cream at home DONE
*get together with Rebecca to decide who is cooking which evenings at Pennsic DONE
*test recipes and finalize dinner menus for Pennsic DONE
*make grocery list DONE
*try to finish the "Keira's 1st Year" album before the end of the month so I can get credit for doing it during the ScrapFreak summer challenge (I thought the challenge ran through August so I would be able to finish after Pennsic but found out it only runs through the end of July.)JOURNALING INSERTS ARE DONE, HALF OF THE 14 PAGES ARE DONE
*make a scrapbook page for the Get Meaningful lesson 18 DONE & EMAILED
*finish the second biggins cap/coif that I started earlier this week for Tom
*make the green linen roman tunica/chiton for me
*make at least two partlets- one with gold lace trim
(the plan is to do the machine sewing on Thursday then do the hand finishing on Friday when Rebecca comes over)
*celebrate Tom's 51st birthday on the 25th
*make scrapbook pages for Get Meaningful lessons 19 & 20
*make an anniversary card
*apply beeswax finish to the rope bed frame
*apply butcher block finish to the table tops
*apply butcher block finish to wooden feast gear
*make invitations for Stephanie's baby shower so Kim can address and mail them while Tom and I are in Pennsylvania
*bring the camping gear and garb up from the basement so Tom can figure out how to pack it in the car
*prepare poached pears
*hard boil eggs

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